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With ten years' experience in the Performance Marketing industry, I have the knowledge, track record and passion to lead Lululemon's Performance Marketing Team to new heights and drive bottom-line impact. Technology is at the forefront of what I do; cross-device tracking, advanced attribution modelling and blended CPA management being the mainstays of a successful Performance Marketing Program in today's landscape. 


I am inherently profitability focused; understanding the impact and contribution of marketing channels is absolutely key in making strategic marketing decisions. I have personally implemented advanced tracking platforms that offer an incredible level of granularity - providing a single source of truth for channels that are often difficult to track together. Understanding these insights and reallocating funds to the best mix of marketing channels can not only increase exposure to customers with high purchase intent, but dramatically lower CPA.


I firmly believe that to be able to manage a team of marketers, one should have experience with the channels in the marketing portfolio. Coming from an agency background, I have directly managed campaigns for the following sources:

  • Google Adwords

  • Google Shopping (PLA)

  • Email Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • SEO

  • Paid Facebook/Instagram

  • Remarketing

In many cases, teams managing these independent channels can suffer from silo syndrome; bringing cohesion and a larger understanding of collaborative strategies to a team is key to seamless execution. 


Ten years in the Performance Marketing space has gifted me with many fantastic relationships with vendors, ad platforms, agencies and affiliates. I have built long term relationships based on trust, mutual profitability and seamless execution that I can draw on to accelerate campaign progress. Many of these relationships bring access to new tiers of service, access to beta test marketing platforms and analytics systems. 


Yes, I'm a marketer with experience relevant to the position. But am I a fit for Lululemon culture? Barring a virtual tour of my closet, I'll instead offer an enthusiastic yes. 

Fitness is one of my key hobbies - I'm a certified spin instructor, long-time Ride Cycle Club devotee and I even have lengthy culinary training under my belt (best manifested in any company potlucks).

I am, however, a business disruptor. I love finding solutions to problems - innovation and execution are among my top skill sets. I challenge others to alter their perspectives and have a long track record of managing teams to growth, while maintaining levity and rewarding excellence. I love to laugh, love to succeed and love being tested.

Thanks very much for your time & consideration - I can be reached at any time at 604-505-0987 or at Kyle@27media.com



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