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Pepperjam has evolved from from largely a digital agency to an established affiliate network. Their publisher reach is impressive, and they have one of the largest influencer networks there is. Currently they offer one of the most customizable tracking + commissioning network platforms in the marketplace today.


CJ has been a staple of the Affiliate landscape for decades. They have some of the single most knowledgeable staff in the business, and they're constantly pushing the boundaries of what their platform can do. Currently they're utilizing one of the most rock-solid cross-device tracking technologies in the space. CJ's network is absolutely massive and the revenue potential is among the highest of all networks.


Five years ago, Shareasale had no right to be in the preferred technology writeup of any self-respecting agency. It was the dinosaur of the Affiliate world - here since the beginning, and was certainly showing signs of age. Recently, Shareasale has upgraded their technology to include advanced commissioning, a new interface, and a ton of reporting upgrades. Shareasale has always been a low barrier to entry network with a quick ability to turn a new program into a successful one.